Paulina Karadagian enjoys the return of "Titans in the Ring": "I watch the audience and I realize that they leave happy"


In a few months, March specifically, it will be 60 years since the television debut of “Titans in the ring”, a cycle that would generate fanaticism in adults and children of several generations. Unforgettable are its fighters and the spectacular fights that made wrestling fashionable in our country.

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It was Martin Karadagian, Argentine athlete, professional wrestler and actor of Armenian descent, who devised and brought to reality his dream of transferring what he knew about Greco-Roman wrestling to the general public.

Between 1962 and 1988, the cycle aired on Channel 9 and it was a boom. The masked fighters brought mystery and mystique to each confrontation: the Mummy (White and her nemesis, the Black), Red knight, Mr Moto, a referee who got too involved; Karadagian himself, who was the great champion, and dozens more characters that have been added over the years, belong to those treasured memories of thousands of Argentine “ex-children”.

Martín Karadagian, a historical in the life of “Titans in the Ring”.

The formula: histrionics, showmanship, achievable heroes, humor, witty and original fights. The success of the program was translated into a barrage of marketers: figurines, sweets, dolls. Nothing was enough to quench the thirst of the fans.

Throughout the time there were ups and downs, the cycle was broadcast in a skipped way, it had imitators and what today we would call a “spinoff” û like “Lucha libre” or copies of the cycle in Uruguay and Chile- but currently Paulina KardagianDaughter of a well-remembered founder, she works in the sun and in the shade with the return of the troupe, for now in live performances, but with many exciting plans.

Women also have their deserved place in the new edition of the project.

While this new stage of “Titans” It began a while ago, the pandemic froze everything until a few weeks ago, when an important event took place: after 30 years, the Martín Kardagian Belt was disputed again, with a day of pure emotion and nostalgia in the Siranush Room.

With the work of Paulina, of Sergio Ventrone (Billy Jim) and the production of Leo Tusam, this return came true, and DiarioShow was there. “I was very touched by this, it was very strong for me. Very delighted to see the public, both young and old, their reactions … some were very angry because the Red Knight lost, due to some traps by Ivanoff. Young and old crying. It was incredible, the response from the public is overwhelming and beautiful. There was a boy from another country who saw the Red Knight for the first time and cried because he lost. People left very happy, that’s very good “ she counted, exhausted after the task accomplished.

Vlad “el gitano” Ivanoff It was the new champion of “Titans”, but the thing does not end here. “On December 19, also in Siranush, we are going to do an Intergender tournament: the male champion will fight against the female champion who is the 28th, that is, he will win the third Titans belt”, account the producer. Tickets can be purchased at both to see the championship in person and via streaming.

The new champion in “Titans”.

The challenge of validity

Times have changed, and a lot, in 6 decades. The forms of consumption, the interests of the boys – more volatile – and the constant advertising bombardment make it a bit difficult to capture the attention of a new public. But when asked about it and the challenges that this entails, Karadagian reflects: “It’s hard to know how Dad would have done it now, but with Billy Jim, the coach, we are convinced that we are doing well. I watch the audience a lot and I realize that they leave happy. Beyond the strong influence of social networks, that current need for instant satisfaction, the pace of each fight is dizzying, in a few minutes the boys are caught by these athletes, their speed ”.

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In addition, Paulina says that “I have two 13-year-old children and I am very guided by what they like, I talk about it with them and they explain to me what ‘the wave’ is like now. Then one begins there to investigate, to inquire ”.

About the wide age group of fans it gathers “Titans in the ring”, analyze: “At times it is very difficult to connect everyone because of course, those of the ‘old school’ want the fighters of before: the Mummy, the Knight, the Man with the ice bar. And the boys do not care exactly the same because they do not have all that history behind them, however, they rave about the new ones as well as the classics. Titans generates devotion in adults and children “.


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