Paula Fernandes speaks about fake news about the double bed in her dressing room

Last Thursday night (04/08), the singer Paula Fernandes used her Instagram profile to vent after being a victim of fake news. The singer denied that she even asked for a double bed in her dressing room as one of her demands for her shows.

“You know that my last few months have been a lot of work”, began the artist. “A lot of good things happening in this resumption of shows and my schedule. That’s exactly why I decided to take a break, a week of vacation to rest, travel and restore energy, since I have a new tour in August”.

“I came across a new fake news. I confess that I didn’t know whether to laugh or be indignant at the news that I had demanded a double bed in the dressing room. Is it possible? And I’ve read several. This one managed to surprise me. wanting to gain 5 minutes of fame. But this time it was different, I felt I needed to talk”, continued Fernandes.

“It’s extremely worrying. I think we need to look at each news more carefully. We don’t know the consequences of this. Larissa Manuela, Paolla Oliveira, the list of women is vast. It is revolting. People need to be respected and heard. My answer is for everyone who spreads fake news without imagining that on the other side there is a person, a life and a career. Enough!”, concluded the singer.

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