Paul Pogba’s mother opens up about the case that is tearing her family apart: “My two sons are victims”

After a long silence, Yeo Moriba, Paul Pogba’s mother, delivered her version of the facts this Sunday on TF1’s “Sept à Huit” program on the extortion case that is tearing her sons apart.

For the first time, Yeo Moriba, the mother of the Pogba family, broke the silence on the case of extortion in organized gang of which her son, Paul, was the victim. Interviewed by Audrey Crespo-Mara this Sunday in “Seven to Eight”, she returned to this attempt at intimidation and also explains the behavior of her eldest, Mathias.

Paul Pogba, absent from the World Cup in Qatar, has been at the heart of a blackmail case for several months, which led his older brother Mathias to be remanded in custody for “extortion” in an organized gang. As a reminder, the football star says he was sequestered for five hours in an apartment at the end of March, after being trapped by childhood friends and two hooded men, armed with assault rifles, who demanded 13 million from him. euros.

“No one knew”

“He is starting to recover little by little, physically and psychologically,” says Yeo, before assuring that his son had told him nothing about this confinement. “Nobody knew about it. We must have threatened him so that he would not say it, ”she believes.

She then explains that she knows the people who kidnapped Paul Pogba. “They came to my house, in Roissy-en-Brie (…) That’s what shocked me.” The mother could always count on them for “small errands” and one of them was even her driver. Huge betrayal and disappointments. “For me, these are my children. (…) I could never have imagined this in my whole life, it was a shock.”

Yeo Moriba also returned to what happened when the latter came to her home, to demand that she convince Paul to pay them money. “Get out of my house,” she told them. Her eldest son, Mathias, was present, but she assures that he “did not put pressure” on her.

The Pogba clan “will reform”

She then defended him, assuring that he necessarily acts under threat. “He’s not like that, I know him, I can swear. Before leaving for Guinea, I spoke with him once. I told him he shouldn’t do the videos, but I felt he was taken aback. Mathias is nice. For me, my two sons are victims and that torments me. Mathias was manipulated, threatened… I’m worried about him, he’s my son, he doesn’t know banditry.”

Yeo also refutes the accusations made by Mathias, who claims that Paul paid a marabout to cast a spell on Kilian Mbappé. “These are gossip. And then the marabout must have worked badly, since this person has always been on top”, she adds finally, in a tone of humor.

The case is still ongoing, Mathias and four of his childhood friends have been indicted. Yeo Moriba has asked to visit his eldest, but has not yet been granted permission. The mother says she is tormented, but assures that the Pogba clan “will reform”. “And even if one day I’m gone, the brothers will be together hand in hand.”


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