Patrick Poivre d’Arvor accused of rape: in full live, his ex-girlfriend Claire Chazal honors his "deep qualities" to defend it…

This Thursday, July 21, 2022, listeners toEuropean 1 had a distinguished guest! Indeed, Claire Chazal confided in our colleagues for a long time. In a sequence, she opened up in all sincerity about her relationship with Marc-Olivier Fogiel. Over the years, the duo has become inseparable. The journalist is also used to spending a few days of vacation by her side.

Facing Annisa Haddadi, Claire Chazal also mentioned the rape charges against Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, her ex-companion. In the midst of turmoil, Claire Chazal protected herself in her own way… In the same way as their son François. Faced with this “media whirlwind”their family remained very united. ” [Avec] Patrick and François, we are interested in deep things, I believe, and which bring us back to reality, to real life, to friendship, to culture. […] to the family, so that’s what helped to hold on”revealed the ex-girlfriend of Arnaud Lemaire, pointing out that “the world is quite violent, deliberately caricatural and brutal”. Everything she hates!

“I think we have to try to think of something else…”

“The evolution of a society is surprising, sometimes shocking”, analyzed Claire Chazal who claims to have “says what she thinks” about the scandal. Regarding Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, she prefers to honor “the deep qualities” of the latter in the media. “As justice has not taken hold of it, I believe that we must try to think of something else”, dropped Claire Chazal with philosophy.

A speech similar to the one she gave a little earlier at France Inter. Despite the revelations of the alleged victims, the star had assured that they “do not describe [aient] not “the one” that[elle a] known “. However, Claire Chazal had confirmed that Patrick Poivre d’Arvor has always liked to “seduce, convince” countless women on a daily basis…


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