Patrick Bruel: his alert to Muslims in France!

His new album,Once again”, released on November 18, and before hitting the Star Academy stage this Saturday evening, Patrick Bruel gave an interview to Le Parisien. While chatting with handpicked readers, the singer evoked his Algerian roots, and sent a strong message to Muslims in France.

Patrick Bruel invited to return to Algeria with his mother

He who talks about his country in the song “I will be back”, assures that he has been planning to take his mother and children to Algeria for years. For the time being, he has not yet been able to do so but also ensures: “If I don’t formalize this meeting with this country, it will never happen”. Moreover, Patrick Bruel reveals to have received a phone call from the local authorities to invite him! Patrick Bruel rejoices in advance “It’s crazy (…) we’ll probably go back”. And to add: “We were brought up to love Algeria. My grandparents never heard words of hatred, violence or revenge.“.

Claimed to be center left, Patrick Bruel takes the opportunity to also talk about the political situation in France. And if he did not officially support the candidacies of Emmanuel Macron, he salutes his work. He also regrets the populist speeches, and believes that the president is not responsible for the rise of extremes.

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He asserts thus: “What we heard during the last election campaign was outrageous”. And he evokes in particular the burning issue of Islamism, which has been taken up in a loop by Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen… Patrick Bruel says to himself “terrified by this rise of obscurantism” but categorically refuses “Muslim and Islamist amalgamation”.

It is aimed at Muslims in France

He condemns:“It’s too easy to build your soil on it (…) By putting everyone in the same bag, we create radicalization”. In fact, he invites “great Muslim voices” to speak”to say important things. And for good reason, the “Muslims who live in France and practice their religion normally“must be heard.


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