Patrick Bruel confides in his relationship to drugs

On the occasion of the release of his new album “Encore une fois”, Patrick Bruel agreed to confide in various subjects in the columns of Télé Star. The 63-year-old singer notably returned to his relationship with drugs, admitting to having often been confronted with substances during his career. “There hasn’t been a moment in my life where I haven’t been offered to take drugs.”

Patrick Bruel returns this Friday with a tenth studio album, “Encore une fois”, largely inspired by current events. Among the topics covered in his new songs: drugs. During an interview for Télé Star, the French singer agreed to confide in his own report to narcotics. “I always had drugs in front of me. There hasn’t been a moment in my life where I haven’t been offered to take drugs,” he explained, before claiming that he had always chosen not to touch it.

How did he manage to resist despite the temptation and the proposals? Thanks to his “education”, he assured in the columns of the media. He then explained that he was traumatized at the age of 17 after seeing someone die of an overdose in front of him. A drama that marked him deeply, but which also helped him to make the right decisions afterwards. “Witnessing such a scene is calming.”

New album

In his new studio album, the 63-year-old singer juggles between electro-pop, urban sounds and “more classic” sounds, because, he says, “with each song, the right costume”. A simple guitar-voice is enough, for example, for “L’instit”: a title which pays homage to the teaching body, to the books, and to the mother of Patrick Bruel, herself a teacher. A song written during the health crisis, in isolation.

“There is necessarily a before and after confinement: we have developed another approach to nature, daily tasks, silence and loneliness. And it is this loneliness that has led to a different understanding of reading: a book is a friend that can save your life”, considers the singer. If he re-read classic authors like Victor Hugo or Honoré de Balzac during confinement, he also injected something new into his music.

Starting with his unprecedented collaboration with the 26-year-old French artist Hoshi for two of the sixteen tracks on the album: “J’avance” and “Dernier verre, premier café”. “From the beginning of his journey, I hooked with his words, his personality, his charisma, his intelligence. I really like the message conveyed by her title ‘Amour censure’ that I had the opportunity to sing with her on stage”, he explains.


The singer born in Algeria, also a fan of the title “The smell of gasoline” by rapper Orelsan, says he likes to explore other musical styles. “As I am based half the time in Los Angeles, I am immersed in urban music. I have a very close connection with hip-hop and I find that there is very good rap with coherent lyrics. Can we see him rapping soon? “Why not. I’ve always liked sharing artistic adventures: the idea of ​​collaborating with rappers, I would really like that,” he says.


Patrick Bruel made honorary citizen of the city of Liège

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