Patrick and Antonia are separated: Kader Loth likes it

Kader Loth (49) has nothing against this love-off! The reality TV icon lived with Patrick Romer (26) and Antonia Hemmer (22) in the summer house of the stars. There, the former farmer is looking for a woman dream couple clashed several times and the Baden-Württemberger in particular repeatedly dealt out against his then partner. Now the two even announced their separation. Kader can only approve of this step, as opposed to them celebrity flash stressed!

In conversation with celebrity flash the 49-year-old commented on the love of Patrick and Antonia. She believes this decision is “good for both of them”. “Antonia has to process some things that happened in the summer house”is itself squad secure. The TV builder can now reflect on his behavior. The former jungle camper questions whether the separation is actually final: “I think the two are in a crisis right now, but I don’t believe in a final separation.”

In her breakup statement Instagram explained Antonia and Patrick also the reason for the separation. “Unfortunately, our relationship didn’t withstand the public pressure and the countless speculations of the last few weeks.” Nevertheless, the former #CoupleChallenge participants are grateful for the two years together.

The summer house of the stars, RTL

Patrick Romer and Antonia Hemmer on “The Summer House of the Stars”
Kader Loth at a gala in Berlin, 2018

Instagram / antonia_hemmer

Patrick Romer and Antonia Hemmer

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