Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster discuss LIVE for defending Paloma Fiuza

Patrick Parody and Luciana Fuster surprised locals and strangers by engaging in a tense discussion during the latest edition of “Esto es Guerra”. The couple decided to defend the colors of their jersey amid accusations of cheating between the “Warriors” and “Combatientes”.

The popular ‘Pato’ was in front of the microphone questioning the attitude of Paloma Fiuza, who had been accused of cheating in the water circuit held last Wednesday.

Faced with such accusations, Luciana did not hesitate to raise her voice to her partner to defend her partner. Far from being intimidated, Patricio also confronted her in front of cameras.

You’re going to look worse for wanting to defend Rafael, who’s cheating. You don’t have to defend the indefensible. They are trying to confuse the viewer and you are going to look worse”refuted the captain of the “Warriors”.

EEG: Fight between Pato and Luciana

Rafael Cardozo is suspended from “EEG”

The Court of “This is War” also announced this Thursday that the Brazilian was suspended from the competition for not publicly admitting that he cheated during the water circuit.

The production of the reality show will evaluate the fate of Cardozo in the next few hours, who could lose the captaincy of the “Combatientes”.


What was Janet Barboza’s defense in “América Hoy” after receiving a notarial letter from Alfredo Zambrano?

Janet Barboza and her defenses after receiving a notarial letter
Janet Barboza and her defenses after receiving a notarial letter

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