Patricia Maldonado mourns the death of her mother on social media: "I don’t have the strength"

During this morning, the journalist and businesswoman Patricia Maldonadowho has lived in Orlando, Florida, since 2016, with her husband, presenter Guilherme Arrudaand the daughters, Nina11 years old, and Maite10, used his Instagram profile to communicate to his followers about the death of his mother “from one moment to the next”.

Patricia did not detail the cause of death, but explains that she returned to Brazil in a hurry to say goodbye to her mother, who died last Monday (21/02).

“A lot of people asking about my disappearance from social networks and, therefore, I decided to tell what happened so I don’t have to suffer a thousand more times when remembering (as if I’d be able to forget one day… But, anyway). I lost my mother from one moment to the next. I traveled in a hurry to Brazil. And, since then, I have been immersed in a sea of ​​sadness and pain”, she began in her text.

The journalist says she is devastated. “I don’t even have the strength to write this text, to be honest with you. But, as I said, I know that a lot of people are worried about me, and that’s why I improvised as best I could. It’s not the poetry she deserves. She doesn’t have the affection I wish I had. Simply because, at this moment, I can’t put into words what I’m feeling. I just know that it hurts. And a lot. On the day that it hurts less, I promise to write a text that would make my mother proud. Until then I appreciate the messages and, in advance, the prayers I ask you to say!”, concluded Patricia.

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