Pasveer: ‘Would Daley have stayed if Schreuder had been fired earlier? A hundred percent’

Remko Pasveer sees a breath of fresh air blowing at Ajax since the departure of Alfred Schreuder and the arrival of John Heitinga as head coach of Ajax 1. The keeper largely agrees with the criticism from the supporters and also discusses the departure of Dale Blind.

‘John Heitinga is doing well so far’, says Pasveer in conversation with The Meersche Heroes, which is on sale from Sunday. “What we missed in the team, he brings back a bit. It’s actually pretty crazy that someone can do that so quickly. He is bringing back the Ajax DNA more and more. You can also see this in the training sessions. The intensity has gone up. Heitinga is actually doing very well. In terms of experience, we also play better matches under Heitinga, I hope the supporters see that too. The game is certainly not yet at Ajax level, but we are working hard on it. The atmosphere is also better in the dressing room,” the goalkeeper admits.

Pasveer is then asked for his opinion on the criticism that has been leveled at the team and whether he believes that supporters should be critical. ‘Yes of course, being critical in a good way is only good. They pay a lot of money for a ticket and want to be rewarded for it so there is nothing wrong with that. Ultimately, our goal is to become champions. We must achieve that together . We will also get it back if things go well. A few weeks ago people thought what a shitty season and now look we’re just participating again. There is a bit of panache again and we fight for each other, we are more of a team.’

“That it happened to Daley is a great pity”

Not only the outside world has criticized Schreuder’s approach in recent months, it also clashed internally with the trainer. Mainly with Blind, who moved to Bayern Munich at the end of December. Pasveer is sure that the defender would have stayed longer if Schreuder had been fired earlier. “One hundred percent, I’m very good with Daley and I know how he thinks too. He is a child of the club and that it happened this way is just a shame. He didn’t deserve that, everyone has their weaknesses and strengths. As a trainer you have to be able to extract the strengths of a player, Erik ten Hag was very good at that and made sure that Daley started playing in his strength just like he did with Dušan Tadic and other players. It’s a pity that Daley has been pushed aside like this.’

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