Pasveer calls ‘major causes’ of decline at Ajax during the first half of the season

Remko Pasveer has seen Ajax fall into a major decline. The team from Amsterdam started the season well, but after the first blows in the Champions League, Ajax has not picked up the level anymore.

All in all, the goalie looks back on the first half of the season with a bad feeling. ‘It is below par by Ajax standards. We haven’t played the game we want to play. A lot has changed in the team and it is logical that it needs time, but it should have been on track by now.” Ajax TV.

The keeper agrees with the opinion that Ajax started the season well. He finds the level of today all the more crazy. “The decline is very great. You don’t give home in the big games and that’s what we were very strong at last year. You can name anything: we are not in a good position, there are many changes in the team and the self-confidence that you lack if you fail a few times. I think those are the main reasons.’

It was already mentioned: good results were achieved at the beginning of the season. Possibly the game from that period can therefore offer something to hold on to for the keeper, but he currently sees little to hold on to. “We didn’t play the way we should and can play. I find that un-Ajax. We’re giving away too many goals, it’s that simple.’

Pasveer to the World Cup

Now that the winter break has started, it’s standing World Cup at the door. Pasveer is allowed to join the Dutch national team at the age of 39 and although he is very disappointed with the situation at Ajax, he is looking forward to it. ‘It’s very special. I’ve always worked hard for it. We will do everything we can to achieve that result. You have to have the goal of becoming world champion in mind, but in the end we have to look at it game by game and work hard. Then crazy things can happen.’

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