Passion of hawks 2 Chapter 58: the risky rescue that ends with two deaths

After speaking with the lawyers and establishing a plan to rescue Franco Reyes (Michel Brown), in the new episode of the second season of the Colombian telenovela “Pasión de gavilanes”Norma (Danna García) and Juan (Mario Cimarro) go on a trip hoping to return to Sara’s (Natasha Klaus) husband.

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Meanwhile, Romina digs up the shotgun she hid in the woods and despite her godmother’s warnings, Duván’s mother takes the gun home. What will be her next move? Will she try to attack Jimena one more time?

Also, Muriel (Camila Rojas) confronts her mother for asking Juan David (Bernardo Flores) not to ask her out on weekends. Of course, Rosario Montes (Zharick León) takes the opportunity to raise doubts in her daughter, but she does not fall for her game.

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Juan and Norma traveling to rescue Franco in chapter 58 of “Pasión de gavilanes 2” (Photo: Telemundo)


At another point in this chapter of “″, Gaby (Yare Santana) decides to go rescue Nino and his family before the enemy gang, which by the way is led by Demetrio Jurado (Alejandro López), kills them.

Jimena (Paola Rey) tries to stop her and convince her to go to the police, but seeing that she was unable to arrest her niece, she decides to accompany her. When Sara finds out she calls the authorities, but they refuse to intervene because the slums of San Marcos are outside her jurisdiction.

Desperate for the safety of her sister and daughter, Sara contacts Óscar (Juan Alfonso Baptista), who reunites with his nephews, they get some weapons and together they go out to rescue his family.

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Jimena accompanying Gaby in Nino’s rescue in chapter 58 of “Pasión de gavilanes 2” (Photo: Telemundo)


Although Nino’s neighbors try to stop the assassins, they cannot prevent them from entering the young man’s house, especially when Demetrio appears with more reinforcements. While Nino stands up to his executioner, his family stays in hiding until a shot is heard.

Demetrio does not hesitate to kill Nino and later his grandfather, who was only trying to defend his grandson. He even pretends to abuse Sibila, but at that moment Gaby shows up and they have no choice but to escape. But first they take Jimena hostage.

Fortunately, Óscar and the Reyes Elizondo brothers arrive in time to save her. Although they can’t do anything for Nino and his grandfather, they take Sibila and Gastón to a safe place. When the authorities show up to take the orphans away, Jimena and Óscar agree to take care of them.

After the funeral of Nino and his grandfather, Demetrio tries to approach Gaby and rejects him, he also notices that his look resembles that of his friend’s murderer. Will he discover the truth? Will Sibila recognize Jurado? What will happen in the next episode of the second season of “”?

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