“Pasión de gavilanes” 2 with COVID-19: infections, isolated actors and the tweet that Danna García should have eliminated

What happened in “Passion of Hawks” two? The Telemundo telenovela, which will premiere in 2022, has suffered an outbreak of COVID-19 infections and actress Danna García was the first to tell about it through a tweet. However, he ended up deleting it for a reason that he told through Instagram. For this reason, many of the followers of the series have wondered about the health of the rest of the cast, such as Mario Cimarro, Michel Brown, Paola Rey, among others.

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The new chapters of the Colombian program are one of the expected premieres of the year. Since the new delivery was confirmed, in 2021, the followers and nostalgic of the Elizondo and the Kings they were encouraged by what will be counted 20 years later.

With the trailer and the announcements of those responsible for the novel, It has been known that the popular telenovela will be resumed after two decades and that a crime will be the one that moves the action in the plot, to which the original actors and new figures of today were added.

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Thus, “Passion of Hawks”Will have more than 188 episodes, those that were seen on television and that aired internationally with great success. At that time, chapters were between 41 and 48 minutes long. Far from that expectation, now the public has worried about the contagions in the filming of the Telemundo telenovela.

Part of the cast of the telenovela “Pasión de Gavilanes” (Photo: Danna García / Instagram)


The actress Danna garcia was the one who was in charge of informing that in the filming of “Passion of hawks” 2, where more than 360 people work, there have been cases of COVID-19 and that she had been in contact with a makeup artist exposed to an infected one.

“Yesterday in recording a person infected with covid made up me. She had been in contact with other positive people, but apparently they did not isolate her properly. I trust God, that this pandemic that is affecting us all is benevolent “, he tweeted, but then deleted the message.

Before the comments and messages of his followers, Danna García did a live on his Instagram account where he said that he is in good health and that he decided delete your message on Twitter by express request.

“I’m not going to lie to you, they asked me to remove the message that I put on social networks about that and I understand why and I think they are absolutely right and I think this is not the time to generate any kind of panic, or scares, or nothing, so I follow instructions “Said the actress who has not given more details of the health status of her colleagues and if they were also isolated.

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2022 will be a year full of great productions in Telemundo. One of them is “Passion of hawks” 2 that will be released in February and that keeps the thousands of fans of the soap opera, as well as the admirers of the actors who participate in it, very expectant.

Nowadays, Netflix continues to broadcast the exciting episodes of the first season of “Passion of Hawks” and many voices assure that the second installment could also be part of the grid of the aforementioned streaming platform. For now this has not been confirmed.

Mario Cimarro in season 1 of "Pasión de gavilanes".  (Photo: Telemundo)
Mario Cimarro in season 1 of “Pasión de gavilanes”. (Photo: Telemundo)


As reported by the portal If everything goes perfectly, it is very likely that “Passion of hawks” 2 opens in February. The chosen date would be precisely February 14, a day where love and friendship are celebrated.

According , president of the American television network owned by Comcast through NBCUniversal, said that the audience will be able to enjoy a contemporary version of this iconic story of love, betrayal and intrigue. In addition, a new generation of characters will be met who, without a doubt, will awaken the same passions that lived two decades ago with the original story.


About 20 years later, the Reyes brothers and the Elizondo sisters have become more united and formed a great family, but when everything seems to be going perfectly, something seems to cloud their happiness. It turns out that the new installment will begin with a tragic event: a crime will shake everyone’s tranquility.

The death of a teacher points out as guilty the children of one of the close couples; This will unleash a series of events in which young people will try to prove their innocence, putting family ties to the test, although these will be affected.

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