Pasión de Gavilanes 2: Why did they change the actress from Panchita?


Season 2 of Pasión de Gavilanes had a big change regarding the character of Panchita, since they changed her actress for the new episodes. Is there a reason?

Pasión de Gavilanes 2: Why did they change the actress from Panchita?
© TV snailPasión de Gavilanes 2: Why did they change the actress from Panchita?

Passion of Hawksone of the most acclaimed telenovelas of recent decades, has arrived on the streaming service Netflix They are his second season and he conquered his audience again. Since its arrival in the catalog on July 20, the series is among the most watched in the world. However, there is one question that fans have been wondering about and it has to do with the character of panchita. What happened to the actress?

In 2020, the return of the program was formally announced, being a continuation of the first installment and not a remake, so its main cast would be back. This new plot was set 20 years later, now with the hawks facing a difficult challenge against their family, in which a tragic crime involves the children of one of the couples as possible culprits, triggering heartbreaking events.

+Why did they change Panchita in Pasión de Gavilanes 2?

One of the most remembered secondary characters of the original novel is panchita lopez, the singer at the bar where the Reyes brothers have their fights and a close friend of Rosario Montes. In the first season she is played by Andrea Villarrealbut finally it was not part of the new installment and from Telemundo they were in charge of finding a new interpreter, so Constance Hernandez got the part.

Officially no explanation for the change was given, but the actress Zarick Leon (Rosario Montes) said a reason: “I got the rumor that she had lost weight and Panchita was plump, that’s what got to me, I don’t know if it’s true. Also a row of tattoos because Andrea became a tattoo artist and got many “. In conversation with People in spanish assured: “It gave me sadness [que no estuviera] because our relationship was very cordial”.

+ What happened to the life of Andrea Villarreal

After joining the cast of Passion of Hawksthe actress Andrea Villarreal was part of a following project as was the program The Woman in the Mirror (2005), but chose to get away from the cameras, although he dedicated himself to his musical career. Outside the public world, on social networks she has been seen as a tattoo artist and calls herself “Red Queen”, adding more than 45 thousand followers on Instagram, where she shows a large part of her work.

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