“Pasión de gavilanes 2”: Natasha Klauss’ reaction to the return of Michel Brown, her fictional husband

Passion of Hawks”Is one of the most acclaimed Spanish-language novels of recent times. Premiered on October 21, 2003, the program featured an extensive cast of actors made up of Danna García, Mario Cimarro, Paola Rey, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Michel Brown and Natasha Klauss, who played the Reyes brothers and Elizondo sisters.

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Due to maintaining its popularity throughout almost 20 years, in May 2021 the second season of the telenovela was confirmed, which maintains a large part of its original cast.

One of the last stars to confirm their participation in the show was Michel Brown, who embodied Franco, the youngest of the Kings. The news of his return to fiction caused great surprise in the public, because at first the Argentine had rejected the proposal. Without a doubt, one of the most impacted was Natasha Klauss, who shared his emotion through social media.

Michel Brown played the noble Franco Reyes in “Pasión de gavilanes”, a role with which he won the affection of the public (Photo: Telemundo)


The actress who plays her partner in the novel, Natasha Klauss, could not help feeling happy with the news of the participation of Michel Brown on “Passion of Gavilanes 2″, Since since 2004 she maintains a very close friendship with the husband of Margaret Munoz. Sharing the recording set with her colleague again has her excited, so she could not resist dedicating a loving Instagram story to him:

“Since Mr. Michel Brown has already told and was able to confirm that he is going to be in Pasión de gavilanes 2, I want to tell you now, finally, that I am the happiest, you do not know the lack [que me hace] my Franco ” […] I love you very much, I adore you, I love you, you know how happy I am that we are back together and you cannot imagine everything that happens to us ”.

Franco Reyes and Sarita Elizondo became two of the audience's favorite characters.  Both were rough, but also romantic (Photo: Pasión de gavilanes / Telemundo)
Franco Reyes and Sarita Elizondo became two of the audience’s favorite characters. Both were rough, but also romantic (Photo: Pasión de gavilanes / Telemundo)


What many wonder is why the actor, who, at first, said that he would not be part of the soap opera in the second season, changed his mind.

For this, the actor himself used social networks to announce to his thousands of followers his participation in “Passion of hawks 2″ Like Franco Reyes.

“I want to tell you that it is confirmed that I am going to shoot shortly (…) As you all know, I could not participate in the second season of ‘Pasión de gavilanes’ because I was doing a project that crossed exactly the dates”, he stated.

He also commented that he met with the representatives of Telemundo where an agreement could be reached.

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“We got together with the people of Telemundo and based on the messages, the immense amount of messages that I read with great affection from all of you, we managed to find a time to make a special participation in the novel”added.


With what was mentioned by the actor Michel Brown It can be concluded that he will have a temporary or short-term participation in the telenovela, after indicating that his presence will be a special participation.

“Very soon we will be seeing each other again on the Telemundo screen. Thanks to you for the messages, thanks to Telemundo for finding this time and we will see you very soon in the second season of Pasión de gavilanes “, he sentenced.


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