“Pasión de gavilanes” 2: Natasha Klauss, Danna García and the happy reunion of the Elizondo sisters

The announcement of the filming of the second season of “Passion of Hawks”It not only made the public happy who vibrated with that Colombian production back in 2003. It has been the actors of the Telemundo telenovela who have also expressed their joy at seeing each other again after a long time. This is the case of Natasha Klauss and Danna garcia, who in social networks let themselves be seen radiant while sharing filming.

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In mid-October 2021, Telemundo announced with great fanfare that the filming of “Passion of hawks” 2 it would start very soon with the original actors of the first season such as Mario Cimarro, Danna García, Natasha Klauss, Paola Rey, Juan Baptista, among others.

Many of the protagonists of the now production of Telemundo, used their social networks to celebrate the return in style of “Pasión de gavilanes,” after many of them went through different episodes due to the coronavirus pandemic that began in March 2020. Among the most enthusiastic, we find Natasha y Danna, who have come together again to undertake new adventures on behalf of the Elizondo sisters.

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The second season of “Pasión de gavilanes” promises to bring many surprises (Photo: Pasión de gavilanes / Instagram)


One of the most applauded returns by the public that follows “Pasión de gavilanes” has been that of Natasha Klauss, Danna garcia and Paola Rey, who after more than 17 years will return to impersonate the Elizondo sisters. It was precisely who plays Sarita, who used her social networks to pose with Norma and dedicate some praise to her, while they recorded one of the scenes of the season that will premiere only in 2022.

“Time passes and we are more beautiful. Today after many years I observe with admiration, empathy and love in the beautiful women that we have become thanks to this roller coaster called ‘life’. I admire you Danna García I have always said it and I am very happy to know that after so many years this relationship created on the screen will continue to be enjoyed by our followers when we return to the air with Pasión de gavilanes 2. Our beautiful Paola Rey is missing, but we promise you a photo at 3 ″Klauss posted on his Instagram account on November 16.

'Sarita' and 'Norma' met again in the Telemundo studios (Photo: Natasha Klauss / Instagram)
‘Sarita’ and ‘Norma’ met again in the Telemundo studios (Photo: Natasha Klauss / Instagram)

Before the affectionate message from Klauss, Danna García could not contain the desire to answer these expressions of affection and commented on the photograph with a message that denotes the good relationship that there is now between the beautiful Colombian actresses. “Nati what a beautiful gift of life to coincide and feel that time stopped … but better, how much admiration and affection in this great adventure !!!”Garcia wrote.


If we think that everything has been rosy among the actors of “Pasión da hawks”, we are wrong. It is enough to remember some statements that Danna García gave in May 2020, in which he stated that he never felt like a family his colleagues with whom he shared many moments during the recordings of the first season.

“I was very lonely. I did not find a family in Gavilanes, which I would have missed very much, I found a handbrake “admitted the actress.

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The remembered Norma Elizondo hinted with her statements that her role in the melodrama aroused the envy of her companions. They had sold us all as we were 6 protagonists and I think that was part of the problem that I did not fit in well because when the characters of Mario and me begin to be like that in history a little more protagonists that did not go down very well. It wasn’t my fault, but you end up carrying the brown one, as they say in Spain “, he shared.

After these strong revelations, the comments on social networks did not wait and some criticized García for revealing the internal cast. Among one of these messages, Klauss’s responses appeared, who tried to put cold cloths on the matter stating that it is only “a point of view.”

“We are in moments of giving light and energy, that is the only thing I want and each one chooses what to say and what he thinks and that is also good”, replied the Colombian actress.

The time that the remembered Sarita responded to the statements that Danna García gave about her time in "Pasión de gavilanes" (Photo: Natasha Klauss / Instagram)
The time that the remembered Sarita responded to the statements that Danna García gave about her time in “Pasión de gavilanes” (Photo: Natasha Klauss / Instagram)

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