“Pasión de gavilanes” 2: Michel Brown, back home as Franco Reyes

In August 2021, Michel Brown assured that he would not play Franco Reyes again in the second season of “Passion of Hawks“However, two days after announcing himself to the cast of the new installment, in an interview with Adamari López, the Argentine actor left open the possibility of returning as the character” that he carries in his heart. “

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From that moment, the fans of the successful Colombian telenovela have been waiting for something new and the person in charge of confirming the news was Danna garcia, who in a live broadcast through social networks revealed that Brown will be part of the new episodes.

“SI, Michel is going to be, how, when and where it is not up to me to say it, it is up to Michel to say it, in any case we are very excited to be able to see each other at some point“Said the actress who plays Norma Elizondo in”Passion of Hawks”. “We all enter different moments in history because, I repeat, history is not about us, it is about the hawks universe, so it will be different”.

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Likewise, Danna García revealed some details of the long-awaited sequel to the successful story that she starred in almost 20 years ago with Mario Cimarro, Paola Rey, Natasha Klauss, Juan Alfonso Baptista and Michel Brown.

I know that all of you have an expectation regarding what we did in season 1, but remember that this is a vision of the writer, how he envisioned a project or this family how it evolved, so it is no longer about us 6, now It is about the clan, that is, a great hawk world where there are good guys, there are bad guys, there is music, there is revenge, there are many things …”, Explained the 43-year-old Colombian interpreter.

Therefore, the new installment does not revolve solely around the Reyes brothers and the Elizondo sisters. “The great protagonist, I think, is history. It is a big story where it no longer focuses only on couples”He added.

In addition, he referred to the absence of several important characters from the first season of “Passion of Hawks”. “Dínora’s family of course is not there because that character has already passed away, so that family disappears; Leandro’s family is not there, that is, that family does not exist by script, it never existed, it was never written. This story was conceived more than a year ago, almost two years ago, that is, if more than a year and a half ago certain families were not conceived, unfortunately they could never have called characters that belonged to those families because they are not in the script”, He explained.

So it is not a matter of whether they did not call such an actor, no, it is a matter of whether that family did not exist in the script conceived in the writer’s mind a few years ago, they could never have called the actors because unfortunately it is not written”He added.

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Mario Cimarro, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Natasha Klauss, Danna García and Paola Rey meet again for the recordings of “Pasión de gavilanes 2” (Photo: Telemundo)

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