Paryushan Parva in Bilaspur Paryushan festival of Digambar Jain society in Bilaspur today program will be held on the fleeting world

Bilaspur. Paryushan Parva in Bilaspur: The Paryushan Mahaparva of Jain Digambar Samaj, which runs till September 19, has started from Friday. During this, this occasion is being celebrated with great pomp to develop soul purification, restraint, renunciation and self-consciousness. On the second day of Paryushan festival, a program on the transitory world will be presented by Sarkanda Pathshala. Arpan Jain and Shipra Jain are in charge of the program.

Jain Sabha President Veer Kumar Jain said that in view of Kovid-19, all the programs organized for the total Jain society will be made online. Special attraction for children A short video will be shown every day before the start of the cultural program and after that five questions related to this video and related to Jain Sanskar Shala will be asked. Those who give the correct answer will be rewarded. In some programs the participants have to come to Kranti Nagar Jain Temple and present their program. It will be broadcast online.

In the evening, Swadhyaya is being conducted by Mangala Jain at Kranti Nagar Jain Temple. Every day evening Aarti will be performed by one or two families at Kranti Nagar Jain Temple. It is also being broadcast online. Friday was the first day of Paryushan, the biggest festival of Digambar Jain society. It was the day of perfect forgiveness, for this special preparations were made in all the three temples Shreeji Sarkanda, Krantinagar and Sanmati Vihar Mangala.

From 7 o’clock in the morning, the consecration of Shreeji, Shanti Dhara and worship was done with the Vidhi Vidhi. On this occasion, the bidding of Shantidhara was done. All Jain religious people were absorbed in worship by visiting Shriji temple. From 6.30 pm onwards, the occasional recitation followed by aarti and cultural program was broadcast online.

the questions asked

Every day, questions will be asked in the online program to increase knowledge by Amit Jain, a member of cultural programs. Six questions were asked on Friday, in which what is the reason for Tirthankara Prakriti Bandha, how many chavaras of Chakravarti are found, who is the author of Ratnakarnadak Shravakachar, who was the sage whose anger burnt Dwarka, what would be the sum of the basic qualities of the five Parameshwari. Who will be the first Tirthankara of the next Chaubisi? Four options were given for each question.

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