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Share your feelings

Over time, we sometimes tend to withdraw, to be too lazy to explain, to tell. Big mistake! Your crushes and your rants of the moment, whether towards people or a TV series, clutter your brain. If you keep them to yourself, you prevent the other from understanding your current state. He will therefore not be able to identify your reactions…

We listen

Of course, there must be someone on the line! Fatigue is one of the main causes blurring our ability to listen, but there is also the recurrence of conversations (the same stories with his cowardly colleague, his neurotic sister…) which can be boring. However, you must make time for yourself without TV and without a screen, even just ten minutes, where you are completely available to listen and advise the other.

Great Discoveries

To stop the infernal spiral of “everyone in his own world”, it is sometimes necessary to bring out the heavy artillery. Without forgetting to have fun, of course! Parachute jumping, discovering tantrism, hiking for two in the Morvan, do something that neither of you has ever done, to discover it together. The apprehension of the unknown will remind you why you chose him or her, ultimately why he is your best partner.

Anticipate their needs

Women complain enough about it: you often have to verbalize everything with men! Signals aren’t really their thing… But all of this can be arranged, for example by doing fun little exercises where you have to guess what the other person wants based on their facial expressions, without him having the right to speak. Moreover, thinking about what the other will need before he asks for it is one of the most beautiful gifts we can give to the loved one.

For the best and for laughs

Bidding together is one of the best couple cements available on the market. Watching a comedy show, making Carambar-level jokes, throwing a dumpling between the two eyes… All of this may seem silly, and yet. Laughing releases endorphins, the same hormones as during orgasm! A real pleasure for two… Without the aches.

Wetland escape

From Punta Cana to Casablanca via the Italian lakes, from the libertine beaches of the south of France to the trails of Auvergne, the 20 erotic stories contained in this little book from the Osez… collection are likely to make you travel far beyond. beyond your beach towel. Beware of the risk of flooding, or even fire, if you are not near a water point!

Dare…, 20 stories of sex in the sun, €8.90. On passagedudé

Shock trio for hot night

The French brand My Lubie is expanding its range of sexual well-being products with its jojoba massage and body care oil. A novelty that is always irreproachable in terms of composition, like the lubricant that made the brand famous, both being associated with a very nice deck of cards illustrated by the artist Karla Sutra to form the Burning Summer box… And ensure a hot night! Burning Summer box, My Lubie x Karla Sutra, €49. On

#LOL 3

Signs that you are too complicit

1 // You leave the bathroom door open

2 // You pierce your white pimples

3 // He calls you mom

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