particular questioning of "The Argentine Voice" in social networks: "They just want to meet…"

“The Argentine Voice” It has in Lali Esposito one of his main figures since he joined in the season that was observed in 2021. After taking the place he left Tini Stoesselthe singer stands out with her returns and her charisma in the exchange with the contestants who appear for the blind auditions.

The truth is that the number of singers, mainly young people, who are amazed after meeting the artist aroused the attention of viewers of the program. Although the Telefe cycle remains at the top of the rating, They showed some disagreement with certain actions of the bulk of the participants.

“This year’s participants are not looking to reach the final, they are just looking to meet Lali Espósito”, the user @ernestoserrano_ wrote on his Twitter account. This was quickly replicated and in just under an hour it already exceeded a thousand likes in the publication that referred to the current reality of the reality show.

Anyway, the competition continues with its first televised stage. Lali Esposito is on the quest to complete his team, so he tries to keep different participants to have a variety of voices. There are only a few days left of the initial round of “The Argentine Voice”so there is a lot of tension on stage.

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