Participants complain to TV 2 after the winner of ‘Summer Dreams’ is found: Unfair advantage

On Wednesday night, TV 2 was able to reveal which of the four couples had won the current season of ‘Summer Dreams’.

The choice fell on Nicolaj Holte and Louise Holte-Læssøe, who according to TV 2’s own article ‘won on the craft’.

However, that announcement did not go down well with the rest of the participants. It writes See and listen.

In a post on Instagram, the participants share that they believe this is an unfair advantage, since Nikolaj Holte is a trained carpenter.

They compare it to if a participant in ‘The Great Baking Contest’ was ‘trained and experienced’ before the start.

Bashar Shahmorad, who also starred in the program, shares the post with a comment:

»With respect and love for all participants, it is important to point out an unfair casting,«It sounds.

To BT tells Anders Fuchs, editor of ‘Summer Dreams’, in a written answer that one can well understand the disappointment, but that it does not change that they vouch for the carpenter-trained participant Nicolaj Holte.

»There is an insane amount at stake when you have been working hard for eight weeks in a competition to win a holiday home, so I can easily understand that the participants are disappointed, “it sounds initially from the editor.

“However, it does not change the fact that prior to the recordings, we assessed that Nicolaj’s 17-year-old journeyman letter, which he has never used professionally, is not a distortion of the competition in relation to the many skills the other talented participants bring into the competition. «

According to the ‘Summer Dreams’ editor, Nicolaj was not a professional craftsman.

»To ensure as fair a competition as possible, our guidelines are that no participant may work professionally as a craftsman, interior designer, stylist or similar profession – and Nicolaj does not work professionally as a craftsman, and has never done so.«

The couple has not yet commented on the statement of the other participants.  Photo: TV 2

The couple has not yet commented on the statement of the other participants. Photo: TV 2

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He further states that the participants were judged on more than craftsmanship in the competition.

“The craftsmanship is far from the only thing that is judged in the programs, where the judges also look at ingenuity, coherence, creativity and style and if you look at who the judges have chosen as weekly winners this season, Louise and Nicolaj have not stood out in particular, “says Anders Fuchs and adds:

“The 100 people from the locals who helped decide the final winner also voted from very different perspectives, and the vote between the four couples was close.”

BT has tried to get a comment from participants and winners of the program to hear what they think about TV 2’s announcement, but at the time of writing they have not wanted to comment.

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