participant of "The Argentine Voice" surprised by his resemblance to Soledad Pastorutti: the video

“The Argentine Voice” its protagonists are the participants who are looking to start their career in music. However, the Telefe cycle also has great seasoning in its juries, especially because of the names and the journey they made in art.

The presence of the judges generate more than fun moments on the stage of the singing competition. Wednesday’s broadcast began with the participation of the sisters Emilia and Valentina, who interpreted “So is the heat” of The Grandparents of Nothing. Thanks to her performance, got Ricardo Montaner and Soledad Pastorutti to turn their chairs.

Although they finally chose to leave with the renowned singer, they had a particular exchange with the Argentine artist because of a resemblance that one of them had. Soledad Pastorutti She mentioned that Emilia, the younger of the two, reminded her of herself when she began her journey more than 20 years ago.

“You remind me of me. You speak the same way, your hair, you’re like a Sole”, the artist commented with astonishment. Also, her sister mentioned that they already mentioned it to her on more than one occasion. Beyond their time on stage, they had fun moments due to their occurrences in front of the jury, especially with Lali Esposito.

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