Part of the fountain in the Place du Vieux in Namur falls and injures three children: “It’s not the first time it’s happened”

On Friday afternoon, the Place du Vieux (Vegetable Market) was popular with locals, as often when the weather is nice and warm. But the dilapidation of the fountain located in the middle of the square came to tarnish this beautiful sunny afternoon. Children who were playing around the monument were injured by the fall of a metal element.

▶▶ The manager of Havana, Riadh Melliti, witness to the scene, tells us: “Six children were playing around the fountain. » Three of them were injured.

▶▶ According to the café owner, it is not the first time that a piece of the monument falls.

▶▶ Neither the police, nor the fire brigade, nor the City of Namur got wind of this accident. here’s whywithout a doubt.

▶▶ Tanguy Auspert, the Namur Heritage Alderman, reacts.

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