“Parliament can handle tax reform”, says Ecolo-Groen group leader Gilles Vanden Burre

The year was intense at the parliamentary level with tough, divisive and complex debates. “It’s good that Parliament has this kind of debate. I think that the government should appeal to Parliament more often, on certain issues in any case, ”said Mr. Vanden Burre. “It could be more effective for decision-making and landing reforms. »

“Efficiency gain”

In short, that the government does not only use Parliament to endorse reforms all tied up without having the slightest room for maneuver…

The group leader of the French-speaking and Flemish Greens thinks that this could improve consultation and negotiation with the other parties. “It would be a gain in efficiency for the government, which could concentrate on certain files where it is quite normal for it to have 100% control (negotiations with Engie, etc.). »

Compulsory vaccination

Mr Vanden Burre refers to the debate on compulsory vaccination that the Consultation Committee had pushed to Parliament at the time. “We took, from memory, five to six weeks to organize high-quality hearings and debates and we finally made a decision: not to make this vaccination compulsory for the general public. There, we can explain to people why it was a bad idea. I could also cite the work done on the status of artists file, and so on. »

Mixed commissions

Beyond the mixed committees (deputies-citizens) which should arrive in Parliament (“I can clearly see a first debate on the future of Belgium”), the leader of the Greens hopes that at the next parliamentary session, in September, the government will expand what Parliament can do in implementing reforms. “If it’s with the opposition, so much the better. But even at the level of the majority parties, we must be able to take on more responsibilities. »

Mr. Vanden Burre has a very specific idea of ​​a great debate that Parliament could lead: tax reform. Nothing less !

“The Minister of Finance has made his sketch, there is a project on the table that is not to be taken or left. It is normal for the reform to be discussed in government, but we could bring it to life in parliament too. Everyone agrees to lower the charges on work, it remains to be seen how. At Ecolo-Groen, we focus on low wages, others do things differently. »

too much pressure

Given that the government will be focused on the budget debate, the MP thinks that Parliament could hold very broad hearings on this tax reform, discuss the texts, propose amendments. “It can also help this coalition where the pressure is sometimes too strong on the government. From time to time, important reforms could succeed from Parliament. »

The objective would, of course, not be to commission the tax reform, but to have it completed by the end of 2022… While the government agreement does not impose this by the end of the legislature …

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