Park Seo Joon: the career studied by the Korean actor who will appear in “Captain Marvel” 2

At just 33 years old, the South Korean-born actor, Park Seo Joon, is one of the most recognized artists in the film industry worldwide. After participating in different productions made in his country and some in the United States, he is now preparing to be part of “Captain Marvel” 2, a production that has already been generating great expectations.

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Although his acting debut was in 2010, he quickly managed to be considered as an actor with a promising future due to his good work in the seventh art. This has also served to have a large number of fans who have made him an idol of South Korean dramas.

One of his next big screen jobs will be “Captain Marvel” 2 that in its second installment promises to be one of the highest grossing in recent years.

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Park Seo Joon is a famous South Korean actor who made headlines thanks to his participation in a Marvel production.

It should be noted that in July 2018 it was reported that he had signed with the agencia Awesome Entertainment, although before that he was a member of the actor agency “KeyEast”. Today it is part of its own gerencia Awesome ENT.

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It was during high school when Park Seo Joon he became interested in the world of acting. Given this, he began to prepare to become a great movie star.

His shy personality changed when he entered the animation club. Years later, the South Korean actor would participate in the first dramas of his career such as “Itaewon Class”, “What’s wrong with secretary Kim?”, “She was pretty” and “Hwarang”.

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As part of your professional preparation, Park Seo Joon I study in the Seoul University of Arts. The chosen career was Theater and Acting.

His great leap to stardom was achieved by being part of the film “Captain Marvel” and now in his new installment he will repeat the dish to the joy of his fans.


Elactor Park Seo Joon Not only has he shown his great talent in acting, he also practices fencing, horsemanship and aikido, the latter is a traditional martial art of Japan.

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