Park Seo Joon continues to innovate and take on new challenges as an actor

K-drama fans have witnessed Park Seo Joon’s acting evolution and now this Korean celeb has established herself as one of the stars of South Korea.

Every time he actor is announced as part of the cast of a new production, it is inevitable that eyes are placed expectantly on the launch, whether it is a leading role or even a cameo by Park Seo Joon.

His talent, charisma and good looks are qualities that helped him break through in the world of entertainment, but there is another key that made possible the development of the actor in the korean dramas that we love so much.

It is about his interest in changing and continuing to improve, because although for many the new and unknown can cause some fears, for him it is a motivation.

Park Seo Joon takes challenges with his characters

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, he confessed that he likes to take risks by taking challenges and trying new things within his career, a gesture that made it very clear to us why each of his characters It surprises us by showing totally different facets.

Park Seo Joon in ball gown. | Source: Instagram @ bn_sj2013

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The korean actor He expressed that he is very interested that the roles he accepts are adapted to his current age, but anyone who meets that simple requirement would be a character that he would enjoy playing.

The secret of Park Seo Joon’s choices in dramas

This celeb also made it known that he feels very good when someone lets him know that his acting work inspired him, but he is also motivated to try new things because of the commitment he has with his fans.

This is how Park Seo Joon always takes the fans into consideration when making decisions, because that usually always takes him on the best course.

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