Park Eun Bin was attacked by a person and her fans are upset

Park Eun Bin’s fans have shown her great support at this stage of her career, but while greeting those waiting to see her, she had a very awkward moment that even put her at risk, what happened?

After becoming the protagonist of the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woothe popularity of this girl has not stopped growing, as everyone has complimented her on her character and the way she conquers us with each episode.

That is why it is not surprising that there are dedicated fans who go out of their way to meet the Korean actress and show their support for her, whether it is waiting for her when she arrives at work or when she is on her way out.

It happened recently, but Park Eun Bin had an unpleasant moment when a fan of this actress showed a rude attitude towards her.

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Park Eun Bin ran into a fan who put her at risk

Many fans waited for Park Eun-binshe left work and walked to the van that would take her home, but seeing several fans, she stopped to thank them and ask them to go home carefully.

Except that while she was getting ready to continue walking, an admirer who was behind her pulled her shoulder sharply so that the girl turned around, but fortunately the security guard blocked her immediately.

Park Eun Bin was attacked by a fan. | Source: Instagram @eunbining0904

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Park Eun Bin Fans Criticize Character Attacked Actress

The admirers this korean actress who were present at the incident showed their discomfort and shared their experience, pointing to the person who showed this attitude against Park Eun Bin.

They pointed out that this could put the girl at risk, but they even asked that celebrities not be touched in that way because it is too rude coming from a supposed fan. OMG.

In more news related to this girl, we tell you what has happened in the recent episodes of Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

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