Park Bo Gum: Looks of the actor that live in the hearts of fans

Actor Park Bo Gum has always caught the attention of fans of Korean dramas with his ideal outfits for all occasions. It doesn’t matter if it’s formal or casual, the Record of Youth actor always looks good.

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When the korean actors seem somewhere drama with looks According to their characters, they show a different facet to their admirers, such as Park Bo Gum, who has fallen in love with more than one heart with his excellent visual.

Off the cameras and on the set, the actor from Record of Youth owns a style youthful that goes with any style when it comes to outfits, combining them with their classic haircuts that are already a benchmark.

Next, we leave you a list of looks from Park Bo Gum that fans always have in mind and that marked his career, placing him as one of the luminaries of the Ola Hallyu what you should follow if you like the fashion.

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The best Park Bo Gum outfits that we can never forget

One of the trends we see everywhere is knitted shawls and Park Bo Gum is such a fan of this laid-back style that she paired it with bright colors like orange, which makes a nice contrast to white and yellow.

Look of actor Park Bo Gum. | Source Twitter @kdramabogum

  • Park Bo Gum in airport look:

Park Bo Gum always looks good, proof of this are the outfits from the airport, where he always shines for his authentic and different style, as in this photo that gives us vibes of a rebellious and mysterious boy.

Look of actor Park Bo Gum. | Source Twitter @bogumdaily

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  • Retro and chic Park Bo Gum:

One of Park Bo Gum’s looks that fans cherish in their hearts like a true treasure is the long hairAt that time, he made different photo sessions that everyone commented, if we add to this his elegant looks, he takes a 100.

Look del actor Park Bo Gum. | Fuente Twitter @kdramathoughts_

  • Park Bo Gum as the boy of your dreams:

Maybe you recognize these photos because it was the inspiration for many fans to make edits with their idols. The look speaks for itself, it is simple, comfortable for a star of the stature of the actor And it shows that you don’t need much to look amazing.

Look of actor Park Bo Gum. | Source Twitter @milkysmelon

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