Paris sends Al-Khelaïfi and his ridiculous offer to hell

For its Parc des Princes expansion project, Paris Saint-Germain would like to own the stadium. But the offer presented did not at all convince the city of Paris, surprised by the media outlet of President Nasser Al-Khelaïfi.

Nasser Al-Khelaïfi’s push did not go unnoticed. Contacted by the American media Bloomberg, the president of Paris Saint-Germain threatened to leave the Parc des Princes. The manager said he was open to a move to the Stade de France if the situation does not change. A message addressed to the city of Paris whose requirements for the sale of the Park are deemed excessive. As deputy in charge of sport in the capital, Pierre Rabadan therefore responded to the champion of France.

I was a little surprised at the timing. Clearlyreacted the representative of the city questioned by Le Parisien. And also the way the president of PSG presented the scenario, saying that it was the town hall that led to the current situation and that pushed the club to think about other alternatives. We have been working together on the Park expansion project for several months now. The club asked us if it could become the owner with a view to increasing the capacity of the Parc du Princes.. »

Talks on hold

Paris Saint-Germain then sent its offer, without success. ” We were not sellers but as a partner of the club we committed to study all the possibilitiesconfided Pierre Rabadan. Several have been mentioned. We asked the club to make us an offer. But it was really unacceptable and the discussions have since stopped there. The question of a sale was therefore no longer raised because the amount was not realistic. »

We can always fight over what the Parc des Princes is worth. But I can tell you that the proposal that the club sent to us was not up to par. It did not open to any discussion so far we were from something achievable “, insisted the former rugby player, without closing the door to new negotiations with Paris Saint-Germain which, according to him, can only evolve at the Parc des Princes.

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