Paris: Pochettino will stay at PSG, the sad reality?

After the disappointing season experienced by PSG and the almost non-existent game plan, there is no doubt that Mauricio Pochettino is on the way out. However, Emmanuel Petit thinks that the internal instability could benefit the Argentinian technician.

The beautiful promises announced for his arrival at PSG in January 2021 have given way to frustration and disappointment. It is far from the beautiful coast of Mauricio Pochettino, forged in England after solid spells at Southampton and Tottenham. For a year and the beginning of his term as PSG coach, the game project and the prize list are almost absent subscribers. Beaten by LOSC for the title in 2021, sadly eliminated from the Coupe de France and especially from the Champions League this season, Pochettino is unable to deploy the dream football inspired by the stars of his workforce.

And if Pochettino re-enlisted for one more year?

The acknowledgment of failure is flagrant and, for many, Mauricio Pochettino will not survive the coming summer. Antonio Conte, Zinedine Zidane for example could take his place on the bench in the coming weeks. However, journalists and observers note that the change is not yet for now. The Parisian club has made no announcements or signs, and impatience is starting to be felt. Could Mauricio Pochettino stay until the end of his contract in June 2023?

Emmanuel Petit thinks so. The former French international believes that disorder reigns internally at PSG. The problems are far from settled and this could benefit the threatened elements Leonardo but also Mauricio Pochettino. ” I am not at all convinced (on the departure of Pochettino). I have the impression that the problem with Leonardo and Pochettino will last for weeks and I am even convinced that they will leave with Pochettino “, he said in Rothen ignites on RMC. A hypothesis that could be confirmed if PSG failed to find a replacement for him. Indeed, Antonio Conte won’t be released so easily by Tottenham and Zidane’s intentions aren’t completely clear. In any case, few Parisian supporters are likely to be happy at the idea of ​​seeing Mauricio Pochettino lead an additional season in Paris.

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