Paris Olympic Games: from 24 to 950 euros, the price of tickets for the 2024 Olympics unveiled

The Organizing Committee for the 2024 Olympic Games revealed, on July 25, 2022, important information concerning the ticketing of the Paris Olympics. Ticket prices range between 24 and 950 euros!

In two years and a day, all eyes will be on Paris, for the opening of 2024 Olympics ! A highly anticipated event, especially by Parisians who are delighted to be able to attend this very high level competition. In one metro or RER journey, the Francilians will be able to visit the various sites of these Olympic Games 2024to see the events and support their champions.

Sports fans are therefore keeping an eye out for the Ticketing of the event, hoping to obtain a place for the competition of their choice. And about that, the Games Organizing Committee (OCOG) revealed more information.

This Monday, July 25, 2022, the OCOG therefore gave more details on the ticket office, the seat prices and how to get these precious sesames.

The ticket office officially opens on December 1, 2022 : these are registrations by draw. You can therefore register, hoping that your name will come out during the draw that will take place end of January, beginning of February 2023. In a press release, Paris 2024 adds that “ As of today, everyone can join Club Paris 2024 for free to increase your chances to get a ticket! By becoming a member of Club Paris 2024you can try to win priority access when sales open, and receive all the information on the ticket office. »

The sale of single ticketsit does not begin before May 2023. The tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies are also sold from May. The ticket office for Paralympic Games will be open in autumn 2023.

In all, 13 million tickets will be offered for sale, including three million for the Paralympic Games. These tickets are coveted by many French people, but also – and above all – by millions of Olympic tourists all over the world. The competition will therefore be tough, and many people will remain on the sidelines.

Ticket prices can also be a drag on fan enthusiasm. The OCOG has indicated that the fee schedule extends from 24… to 950 euros !

Ticketing weighs for a third of our income in the general balance of the Games. This is key because, to balance our budget, we need to generate around €1.1 billion in ticketing revenue. But we don’t want this issue to come at the expense of accessibility. We looked for a model that preserves this. Gentle million banknotes at 24 euros in absolutely all disciplines. 50% of the tickets will be at a price equal to or less than 100 euros, and a little more than 90% will be at less than 200 euros “, Explain Michaël Aloïsio, the chief of staff of the Organizing Committee, in the Figaro.

On the other hand, for the most popular events, such as the final of the 100 meters or that of swimming, or the tournament basketball male, ticket prices can go up to 950 euros.

Big news for 2024: supporters will be able to buy ticket packs to access three events. These packs, sold from 72 euros will be entirely tailor-made, based on a very large choice of sessions. All sports will be available, and all venues. Some can very well take a Marseille pack with two sailing sessions and a football match. Or the person lives in the Yvelines and offers a home pack between golf, horse riding and mountain biking “says Capucine Bernet, director of the ticket office.

One thing is certain: you will have to get up early, when the ticket office opens, to have a chance of getting a ticket…

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