Paris Hilton becomes a mother, the announcement: ‘A child was born through a surrogate mother’

Blue bow in the Hilton house. Rich heiress Paris has become a mother of a boy. “Being a mother has always been my dream and I am so happy that Carter and I found each other and decided to become parents together”: with these words, a few months ago, Paris Hilton he told the magazine People, the great desire she had to become a mother. “We are so excited to form our family together and our hearts are exploding with love for our little boy,” she later remarked. Today, after a short time, her dream has come true. In fact, on the morning of Wednesday 25 January, she announced to the whole world that she had become a mother in a post on Instagram. With a very ‘aesthetic’ photo she wrote: “You are already loved beyond words” (“There are no words to express how much you are already loved”).

At the same time, also the American site ET gave the glad tidings by revealing later that Paris Hilton and Carter Raum’s baby was born to a surrogate mother. “Paris Hilton and Carter Reum have welcomed a baby via surrogate mother. Paris is incredibly happy and has always dreamed of becoming a mother. Her friends and family are thrilled for her and know she will be the best mom“, is all the web page wrote. The desire to have one’s own family has always been manifested by the couple formed by the rich heiress, often at the center of gossip, and the entrepreneur with whom she has been married since 2021: “We would like to have twins, it would be fantastic. We want three or four. I would like a boy and girl twin.” She then added, “Just to have both. But whatever happens, it will be fine. I would also like to have twin girls because I love the idea of ​​raising two girls“, Hilton had announced during an episode of the podcast The Bellas. Now she can finally live her dream and fill her firstborn with love.

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