Paris: an investigation opened after the discovery of a 3-year-old girl in a washing machine

While 2022 has already had its share of terrible news stories, in this first month of 2023 a tragedy once again chills the blood of the French. Last Thursday, January 12, a girl of just three years old was found in a washing machine by her father, reports The Parisian. Quickly arrived on the spot, the emergency services unfortunately could not save the child who died the same evening, around 11:30 p.m. If the causes of death are still unknown, it could nevertheless be a question of suffocation.

“We don’t know what happened at all. Apparently, she didn’t bear any traces of beatings. The autopsy will reveal much more,” a source close to the investigation told the newspaper. According to the victim’s father, the washing machine door was closed when the girl was discovered inside.

A dinner that turns to tragedy

Shortly before the terrible discovery, the father of the child was having dinner with his campaign and one of their children… It was at the end of the meal that the parents commented on worrying about the absence of the little girl, the youngest of a family of 5 children. The whole family then began to actively look for her in the apartment but also outside, not hesitating to seek help from the neighbours. When the father finally found the child in the washing machine, the latter immediately called the Samuel.

An investigation to find the causes of the child’s death has been opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office.

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