Paris, a welcome boost

Entering the game for the first time this season in Ligue 1, Edouard Michut and Xavi Simons brought a breath of fresh air to PSG. Involved in the return of their team, which managed to win a point on the lawn of Lyon despite a performance for a long time, the young shoots have proven that they deserve to see their playing time increase.

We play the 76e minute of play at Groupama Stadium when Thilo Kehrer, alone at the far post, equalizes and allows Paris Saint-Germain to bring back one point from his annual visit to the capital of the Gauls. At the start of the action? Edouard Michut, decisive passer for the first time in his young professional career. As a symbol of the very good start of the young Parisians, who came to wake up an eleven who had been snoring for a long time, all in the space of twenty minutes. Entering side by side (with Thilo Kehrer), Michut and Xavi Simons – soon joined by Eric Junior Dina Ebimbe – have indeed shown why they must now be considered as real options by Mauricio Pochettino.

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Envy, ardor and determination

Claimed to body and cry, the young shoots of the club of the capital had so far been offered playing time in the Coupe de France, against Feignies-Aulnoye then Vannes. With a nice impression left every time. This Sunday, the many absences led Mauricio Pochettino to take them back in his luggage as far as the Rhône. But unlike what happened not far from there on the side of Geoffroy Guichard at the end of November, the two lads were not invited to sit in the stands this time.

However, Xavi Simons, whose contract ends at the end of the year, was expected as the holder for this first shock of the year in the league, as the third element of the attacking trio. Instead, the Argentine technician preferred a new tactical innovation by fielding a Georginio Wijnaldum who must be wondering when will we stop lugging him in positions unusual for him. At least Pochettino had the merit of admitting to having made a mistake after the meeting at the microphone of Prime Video: ” You’re right, it was a mistake to start with other players. Once on the ground with them, we had more aggressiveness and mobility on the ground. »

The end of resistance for grandpas?

Fault confessed is half redressed ? Perhaps, if the former boss of Tottenham deigns to fully return his titis in the rotation. Decisive for the first time, Edouard Michut became the youngest passer of the club in Ligue 1 since a certain Kylian Mbappé, in October 2017. But beyond the statistics, the young entrants brought a desire more noticed in the red jersey and blue for ages. Used to playing the men of duty always ready to sacrifice themselves for the collective, Ander Herrera, Leandro Paredes, Georginio Wijnaldum and company look like a gang of senators in slippers, quite incapable of infusing a semblance of soul. to a team that misses so much.

So yes, it feels good to see 19-year-old kids arriving to dust off the purring game of this PSG somewhat. A beginning of competition which will not hurt for this second part of the season. “Depending on the game plan, Xavi can play different positions, congratulated Pochettino at a press conference on Saturday about Simons.He can do a bit of everything. Over time, you will have to define your position, but that requires training and playing time in the first team. In any case, he offers alternatives which allow him to occupy several positions and that is a very good thing.“It would be high time to let Ligue 1 take full advantage of it.

By Tom Binet

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