Parcoursup: keys to this essential post-baccalaureate portal

Parcoursup, a portal to cross to access higher education, is often seen as an obstacle course. How to prepare, right now, to overcome the obstacle? To add up the odds? Practical Guide.

Parcoursup, what is it?

Specifying it is the BA-ba! In summary, it is a gatea must for high school students (or students looking for a reorientation) wishing to enroll in the first year of higher education (bachelors, BTS, IUT, preparatory classes, certain business and engineering schools).

Interested parties must create a file on the platform, according to a very specific timetable. They will receive admissions proposals through the same route, a verdict that is sometimes highly anticipated and more stressful than a baccalaureate subject.

In 2018, the procedure replaced the Admission Post-Bac site. Main difference: the candidate does not have to classify his wishes, as at the time of APB. He formulates up to 10 “wishes” and 20 “sub-wishes”, and receives a response for each of them.

Parcoursup lists more than 21,000 higher education courses (including more than 7,000 in apprenticeship).

Parcoursup: a procedure that scares many high school students. We give you some advice to approach it calmly.

What’s the calendar ?

January 18 – March 8, 2023 : this will be the key period for Parcoursup version 2023. During these few weeks, the candidate will have to register on the platform, create a file, formulate his wishes and express his motivation. In February-March, in the case of high school students, each wish will be accompanied by a “future sheet” completed by the principals and teachers, on the occasion of the second class council. the Thursday, April 6, 2023fateful date: this is the deadline for finalizing your file and confirming your wishes.

Another pivotal period: the so-called admission period, that of the verdict in short. Between the June 1 and July 13the candidate will receive the answers and will have to make a sometimes difficult choice, while passing his baccalaureate (note in passing the date of the results: Tuesday July 4, 2023).

Let us specify: an additional procedure is planned to fish out the orphans of assignment. This year, it took place between June and mid-September, via the higher education access commissions (which must be entered). This is important: more than 94,000 young people found themselves on the floor this year, following the main phase of Parcoursup.

Calendar 2023 Parcoursup

How to choose your wishes?

The most difficult exercise, no doubt! In the marathon orienteering race, he deserves to be prepared without waiting for the outbreak of hostilities.

ONISEP, the reference body for guidance, has already launched the site It offers a path to higher education in five stages, the first of which offers an “exploration of possibilities”. Advice, information on the sectors allow you to lay the first milestones. Self-assessment questionnaires will be put online at the beginning of the year.

You can now also go to Parcoursup, to find out about 2022 training. The list of files offered by the search engine will be updated. December 20 next, with valuable elements for each establishment: the status (public private), specialties, diplomas, course content, accessibility, the rate of passage to second year, opportunities, rates of professional integration or the…tuition fees, which is not small change. There are even dates of open days, and that’s a good thing: being able to observe “face-to-face” can be very instructive. Who conceives himself well expresses himself clearly, says the adage.

You still have to know your way. Beyond the question “what am I going to do?”, ask yourself this: “what would I like?” And also, implied but essential: “where would I be comfortable?”

To think about their future, to ensure that it is not an insoluble equation, young people can be accompanied, as we will see. Dedicated post-baccalaureate times are organized in high schools. The first weeks of orientation are thus organized at the end of November-beginning of December, before the class councils. Multiple “student” fairs and derivatives also exist to better navigate, and this is precisely the period

. It is therefore time to get informed to train.

How to build your file?

The basic rule is therefore to know what you want, but also – this is how it is – to assess your chances.

The 2023 training sheets, which will be available on December 20 on Parcoursup, thus evoke the knowledge and skills expected from candidates. This is called, in the jargon, the “expected”. The level is not necessarily prohibitive, far from it, but it is important to know these prerequisites. We can work on the subject quite quickly.

Without waiting for the start of registration – from January 18 to March 8, for the record – it is possible to prepare for the assembly of the file. By learning, for example, the nuances of vocabulary, which are all technical points.

We think especially of wishes, sub-vows and other multiple wishes, to use, once again, a jargon to be tamed. Do not panic, however: the wish is a wish to enroll in a specific training and establishment. Multiple vows and sub-vows concern equivalent training or training offered by geographically close establishments. They are automatically suggested by Parcoursup.

How to stand out?

You don’t need to have graduated from Saint-Cyr: to put the odds on your side, you obviously have to be a good, or even a very good student. School reports – including first – and grades are essential on Parcoursup.

However, we can make a difference by integrating more human data, in a procedure that wants to put an end to – a priori – mathematical and fundamentally unfair draws.

The file thus makes it possible to integrate “extracurricular” data. The optional “My Activities” section deserves some attention. The candidate can mention their cultural and sporting practices, their volunteer roles, class representative, their creations and personal projects – blogs, photos, videos – their internships, their jobs, their centers of interest…

But with Parcoursup, it is above all necessary to complete, for each wish, a “motivated training project”. More jargon. It is a question of writing a cover letter of 1,500 characters maximum, where you present all the advantages of your application. Like the adults, or almost.

In order to write it as well as possible, we highlight the training project, the required skills acquired – the famous “expectations” – without forgetting of course the basic recipes – Mrs. Mr.; an idea, a paragraph; final expressions of politeness. Here again, you can find tutors, if only in your school or family environment (please get proofread). But it is also a question of making speak, in filigree, its personality…

This can help make a difference, especially when a selective course is required. It is obvious that the universities, which receive applications by the thousands, are not able to read all the relevant prose. They are not machines…

Three fairs are offered by L’Etudiant in Montpellier (Corum), this Saturday, November 19 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.: Grandes Ecoles, paramedical social health and sport, communication and digital arts. Event available online until November 23. Individual and compulsory registration:

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