Paramount +: the series Los Enviados by Juan José Campanella with Miguel Ángel Silvestre launches its trailer

Since his arrival in Latin America, Paramount+ continues to expand its catalog with original content and very attractive. One of them will be The Envoys, the series directed by Juan Jose Campanella which will feature the performance of Miguel Angel Silvestre as a central figure in fiction. There are very few days until its premiere on the platform: it will be the December 12th And, in this sense, its production has just released the official trailer. Check out the preview here!

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There are still a few days for the episodes to be available to the public. Nevertheless, The Envoys It is a more than promising proposal: it is directed by the Oscar award winner by The Secret in Their Eyes and will feature a most prestigious cast led by the protagonist of Velvet Accompanied by Luis Gerardo Méndez and Irene Azuela. Likewise, they will collaborate in the direction Martino Zaidelis, Camilo Antolini and Hiromi Kamata, while the script will be in charge of Leandro Calderone, Emanuel Díaz and Molo Alcocer.

ViacomCBS streaming service will present this action thriller that tells the mission of two priests of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. This organism dependent on Vatican is in charge of verifying and studying miracles of potential saints, so the religious must travel to Mexico to verify alleged miraculous healings of another clergyman known to perform them in a psychiatric hospital.

However, upon reaching their destination they discover that the priest they were looking for disappeared without leaving any trace. That’s not all because a mystery buried for decades in a psychiatric colony on the outskirts of town he will take their lives and their faith to the limit. Luis Gerardo Méndez will be in charge of interpreting the methodical and responsible priest Pedro Salinas, while Miguel Ángel Silvestre will give life to Simon Antequera, a man with many ambitions within the Church.

Likewise, Irene Arzuela will contribute to the show in the skin of Adriana Cortes, a woman who will be a key piece in the search for the truth since it was she herself who was present in the first two miracles attributed to the cleric and considers him as her brother. Although there is little more than 20 days for Paramount + to release the full story, its plot looks very attractive and its trailer only reaffirms it. leaving users wanting more.

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