Paralyzed Alfred Strejček: Covid stole his eighties

People in hospitals and other medical facilities are again dependent only on mobile phones. In addition, as his friends tell him, Fred will no longer be found in the sanatorium in Prosečnice. Strejček went to Kladrub again, where they helped him a lot some time ago. His life partner Jitka Molavcová (70) even held several performances here as a thank you for the great care.

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“I’m glad she’s back in Kladruby,” said Aha! actress Jaroslava Obermaierová (75). He is one of the most loyal people a paralyzed actor has. “I have it close to him from my cottage. At least I’ll cook something good for him, and if I can’t visit him in person, I’ll leave it with the nurses. “ added the star of the Street series. She has already suffered from covid this winter. “I wouldn’t even know it, I went for tests for my son Jara and they told me I was positive too.” the actress specified.

He ended up in a wheelchair

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Alfred Strejček became paralyzed from day to day four years ago. He was jogging in Stromovka as always, he couldn’t move in the morning. As he confided in the 13th Chamber, the months have been instrumental and now are finally shining for better times.

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