‘Paradise Hotel’ participants reveal: This is not seen on TV

There are a lot of things that are not shown in the ‘Paradise Hotel’.

This is what the two participants Sille and Patrick H. tell us in this week’s edition of the BT podcast ‘All the way with Hemmingsen’.

For example, you can not refuel new snus if you have not brought enough packages to the Mexican luxury hotel. In return, you can get all the cigarettes you could want. There are just special rules for when to smoke.

“It’s because now you have to send out a good signal. But those who smoke, they smoke a lot. They are sent into such a nook of shame, and when you then sit there and smoke, you do not exist. We were told: ‘You must not talk to anyone and you must not be talked to’, “explains ‘Paradise Hotel’ participant Sille.

Anders Hemmingsen and Emma Wittendorff.

Anders Hemmingsen and Emma Wittendorff.

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“There were a lot of others who take snus who did not think it would be discovered – but you can hear it in the microphone,” she adds.

But there are many more rules that ‘Paradise’ contestants must follow, which are cut from on TV.

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For example, participants are not allowed to get up from the table where they eat their meals until the production has said goodbye.

»We can reveal that !! In the morning, when we had drunk, there were a lot of us who had ‘alkomave’, and then we just ate a lot of bacon and Nutella. But you must not just get up, because you do not know if there is a new guest down in the room, or they are working on a new theme, “explains Sille.

In addition, there is another little thing that is not forbidden, but just hard to sneak into, says Patrick H. It is namely to ‘gok’.

“One can not. I’ve sometimes considered going down to the pool, but it’s damn cold. It does not go straight out, it goes inwards. I just thought I had to persevere, and then I had to wait until a nice girl came in – and Ida did. She was fresh on Patrick H, so it was delicious for ten seconds, ”concludes the ‘Paradise’ contestant.

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