Paprika Steen wanted on nationwide radio: Had seen The Sopranos all night

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It is not always easy to keep track of the calendar – and it is not fun at all if you forget an appointment.

Actress Paprika Steen can sign this after she was wanted on national radio on Saturday morning.

She was to be one of three well-known monopolists in the P4 program ‘Sara and the monopoly’, where Sara Bro sat in the host chair flanked by TV host Anders Breinholt and professor of formal philosophy Vincent Hendricks. But no Paprika Steen.

It got Sara Bro looking for her, and the radio host was even about to write to Paprika Steen’s son on Instagram.

When it was about 11 in the morning – an hour before the program ended – Paprika Steen finally made a sound. She shared a selfie on Instagram where in many ways she looked like someone who had almost just gotten up.

»This is what you look like when you have just discovered you must have been in Sara and Monopoly. On the way in a taxi now – sorry, “she wrote to the photo.

When she finally entered the studio, the cast and Sara Bro were obviously interested in what had made Paprika Steen over two hours late.

“It’s neither a party nor anything. I looked at my phone as late as yesterday and thought there is another week. And the reason I have slept heavily is because I’ve watched The Sopranos (a TV series, ed.) All night, ”the actor explained.

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She also told that she has reached the first episode of season five and that she has recently started watching the series which has six seasons.

“I want to say sorry,” she said as the last thing before Sara Bro continued with a new dilemma that the now three monopolists should help a listener with.

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