Pape Gueye affair, FIFA too kind to OM

OM have been harshly penalized by FIFA in the Pape Gueye case, but Watford do not believe they have any reason for it and have appealed.

A year and a half after the arrival of Pape Gueye at Olympique de Marseille, the file had, it must be admitted, been somewhat ignored since. But he suddenly returned to the front of the stage with the announcement of the midfielder’s suspension by FIFA, and heavy sanctions against OM. The Provençal club is currently not authorized to recruit next summer and the following winter, i.e. two unusable transfer window windows. In question, the decision of the Marseille leaders to recover Pape Gueye for free when the latter had signed a few weeks earlier from Le Havre for Watford, before breaking his contract without the authorization of the English club. If OM decided to appeal this sanction, FIFA nevertheless found that there was reason to find fault with the Marseille club, which could not ignore the situation of the Senegalese player and is also ordered to pay 2, 5 million to the Hornets.

Watford claim 10 million euros

But the Watford club also appealed FIFA’s decision, saying it had not been taken into account. If the world body hit hard against OM, the English team believes that it was the victim of the theft of one of its players, and is asking for compensation of 10 million euros. A price that would be difficult to digest, even if Pape Gueye arrived for zero euros, and is now worth several million euros thanks to his performances in the Marseille jersey. All of this could be settled with an amicable settlement between OM and Watford, although this does not necessarily mean that this will allow Pablo Longoria, who inherited this situation since he was not at the club at the time. , to recruit as he wishes during the next windows of the transfer market. In the meantime, Pape Gueye can no longer play for Marseille, and this could last for the duration of the procedure. The only good news, if OM were to be banned from recruiting this summer, the Provençal club would however be authorized to exercise the current purchase options, and could therefore register the final arrivals of Pau Lopez, Matteo Guendouzi or Cengiz Ünder.

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