Papabetito, the TikTok account of a couple of grandparents who have stolen the hearts of everyone on the Internet

In general, Tiktok It is related to young people who consume content focused on that audience. However, two tender grandparents have shown that this is not the case because, despite being an elderly couple, they have become a trend, getting a large mass of followers of this red social who are captivated by his novel initiative: interpreting mythical scenes from classic Disney films as well as from Pixar.

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They are Papa Beto and Mama Chela, a married couple from Bolivia who are the owners of the account @papabetito counting, at the moment, with more than 870 followers, but with likes that exceed 6 million.

Grandpa touch Tiktok with recreations of animated classics

In the description of your space in Tiktok They assure that its content is a reflection of how they face life with each day, having among their main objectives to give joy to their grandchildren.

But, we must be honest, its content is quite varied, but what has earned them millions of reactions are the recreations of Disney classics, among which the parody of “My favorite villain”, where Papa Beto personifies Crane, while Mama Chela to one of the girls that the bald character adopts.

The dedication of Mama Chela and Papa Beto to make the videos

When this tender couple decides to make this type of material, they have the style of mimicking the dialogues, which goes in time with the original audio of the film, which reveals the time and desire that they put to each video on the Chinese platform.

Another of the videos in Tiktok that has generated the greatest reactions in this social network are from one of the many scenes of the classic “Toy Story 2″, in which Mama Chela plays Jessie, while Papa Beto he puts himself in the cowboy’s shoes Woody.

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