Paolla Oliveira’s father’s reaction in a video with the actress draws the attention of Diogo Nogueira

In the caption, Paolla made a statement to her father. “My respect for this man who has the “perfection” of the ancients, with what it was possible to know and understand through the harshness of life imposed on him… And now he struggles with the modernity of the times, buttons and selfies but with more love, smiles and caresses. Thank you for everything!!! I love you, father. Happy birthday”, wrote the actress, who was one of the great names of Rio’s Carnival.

The moment between the two caught the attention of even Diogo Nogueira, the actress’ boyfriend, who liked the post.

Web speculates Paolla Oliveira’s pregnancy

The web was in an uproar with a publication by columnist Leo Dias, from “Metropoles”, announcing that he would reveal the pregnancy of a famous on Monday (8). It was enough for netizens to speculate that Paolla Oliveira would be the new mother of the piece.

Constantly questioned about children, Paolla Oliveira has already made several statements about a possible increase in the family.

Find out who will be the character of Paolla Oliveira in ‘Cara e Coragem’

Paolla Oliveira will return to the small screen in the soap opera “Cara & Coragem”. In the plot, the actress will play Pat, a stunt double wife of Alfredo (Carmo Dalla Vecchia).

Paolla’s new TV character is described as brave, fun, rational and down to earth. In addition, the young lady hides being in love with Moa, her co-worker. In the course of the plot, Pat will begin to investigate the death of Clarice (Taís Araújo).

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