Paolla Oliveira takes the stage of Diogo Nogueira and the couple drives the public crazy by exchanging affection

Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira, once again, delighted the fans with a lot of love. The couple, who live a modern fairy tale, exchanged affection on the singer’s stage in the show held on Friday (13), at Marina da Glória, in Rio de Janeiro.

The actress, who will be in “Cara & Coragem”, Globo’s upcoming 7pm soap opera, chose a casual look for the event: a denim jumpsuit and a white blouse. At one point, Paolla entered Diogo’s stage, gave her boyfriend a hug and a kiss.

Diogo Nogueira’s performance was part of the “Capital do Samba”, an event that also featured shows by Ferrugem, Belo, Xande de Pilares and Thiaguinho, who, of course, was accompanied by his girlfriend, Carol Peixinho.

Paolla Oliveira pays admission to Diogo Nogueira’s show

Anyone who thinks that a girlfriend has privileges is wrong. According to columnist Fábia Oliveira, from Em OFF, Paolla does not take advantage of her status as Diogo’s girlfriend to take advantage of courtesies or VIP tickets. Whenever she takes friends and guests to the artist’s shows, the actress makes a point of paying for the tickets out of her own pocket.

This happens even when Paolla is not present on the show. Also according to Fábia, she could not attend the presentation that Diogo made in Rio de Janeiro last week, but she insisted on paying the tickets of the people invited by her and guaranteeing, together with the local team, that they were well located in in front of the stage.

Diogo Nogueira opines on the next novel by Paolla Oliveira

Protagonist of “Cara & Coragem”, Paolla Oliveira has already secured her boyfriend’s rating for the plot. In an Instagram post, Diogo Nogueira assured that he will be watching the work of his beloved.

“Art is in every corner! Whether in singing, singing… Or in the dramaturgy of life. In art everything is part… And in life, everything is expensive and courage”, wrote Diogo, sharing a trailer with appearances of the girlfriend in action.

“You’ll have to watch it”, demanded Paolla Oliveira. The sambista promptly accepted: “Of course I do! I already ordered a lot of popcorn and chocolate to see you, girl!“.

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