Paolla Oliveira poses in a bikini in Noronha and shakes the web: “Diva who calls, right?”

Paolla Oliveira again caused a stir on Instagram by sharing a photo in which he appears in a bikini, taken during his vacation trip to Fernando de Noronha.

Enjoying the archipelago with her boyfriend, Diogo Nogueira, the actress made a charm on the balcony of the hotel where she is staying by posing with the stone that is a local icon in the background.

The couple has been enjoying the wonders of Fernando de Noronha since the beginning of the year. Diogo even performed at Zé Maria’s New Year’s Eve event. On the occasion, Paolla took the stage, the two danced together and exchanged a kiss.

In a recent post, the singer celebrated his romance with the actress: “Continuing my thanks to 2021. That was the year I met and fell in love with my Flor de Caña, in which I made several LIVEs to get closer to you, there was also a lot of rehearsal for our long-awaited return to the stage, partnership with my brother Mumuzinho and an unforgettable trip to Nicaragua. And oddly enough, it’s not over yet!”, he posted.

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