Paolla Oliveira, in a tight dress, performs samba on stage alongside Diogo Nogueira, in Rio. Photos!

Paolla Oliveira reflects on sensuality: ‘It’s in us’

Owner of a body that is constantly praised on social media, Paolla Oliveira talked about being considered a sensual woman and how society sees this attribute. “People asked me about being sensual, about nude scenes, if that wouldn’t mark my work. It was always on such a bad side that I never had time to breathe a sigh of relief to say: ‘Damn, what’s the problem? to be sensual and to use our sensuality in different ways?'”, asked Paolla In an interview with Trip magazine.

She says she sees sensuality more broadly. “Sensuality is in us, human beings are like that. We seduce in a conversation, seduce our friends. People see it in a very simple way and I like to look at it comprehensively”, said the actress, who does heavy training to keep her shape up to date.

Paolla still revered Anitta as someone who has a strong speech on the subject. “Anitta, for example, has been talking about this from a much higher place, which is like this: Do what you want, the power is in how you want to show your sexuality. With little clothes, with a lot of clothes, with cellulite, without cellulite”, she declared.

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