Paolla Oliveira asks for restrictive measures against man after threats and reveals months of persecution. Know details

Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira lived moments of tension in February of this year when an admirer who was virtually chasing the actress of “Cara e Coragem” (Cara e Coragem)+ check summary of upcoming chapters) invaded her condominium and launched a series of insults and threats against the couple. According to the newspaper O Globo, Justice will take the investigation to a criminal court.

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The man, Portuguese Luís Mário Monteiro Piçarra, was indicated for the crime of stalking. However, injury and bodily harm are also investigated. The change to the criminal court took place precisely because these items exceed the limits of the penalty provided for in article 61 of Law 9,099/95, which establishes criminal offenses of lesser offensive potential.

There are numerous crimes to be better investigated, especially to characterize alleged persecution for months“, highlighted prosecutor Márcio Almeida Ribeiro da Silva, in a demonstration published by the newspaper O Globo.


After the attempted invasion, Paolla and Diogo opened a police report at the 16th Police Station in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro. According to the newspaper O Globo, Luís was upset and spoke disconnected and incomprehensible phrases at the door of the residence. The stalker entered the condominium with the excuse that he would take a cell phone that would be in the possession of the actress.

In testimony, Paolla revealed that Luís was not unknown to her: three months before the incident, he was already chasing the actress through scary messages on Instagram. He stated that he would come to Brazil to see her and made declarations of love to her on the networks. When his arrival at the condominium was announced, the actress recognized him through the description of the characteristics and did not authorize the entrance. Even so, he remained in the area.

The height of the confusion came when Diogo left the house to ask a neighbor to turn down the music. Upon seeing Paolla’s boyfriend, Luís began to curse him, shout offensive words and threaten the couple with death with the weapon he has. Nogueira says he was called the “son of a bitch who is ruining my life”.

Diogo even punched Luís in the face. The situation was appeased by security guards at the condominium, who called a police battalion from the West Zone of Rio. To protect herself, Paolla asked for protective measures of removal and prevention of contact by him.

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