Paolla Oliveira appears in bed with Diogo Nogueira and Tatá Werneck asks: ‘Pelados?’

Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira returned from Fernando de Noronha and are enjoying sunday (09) of rain in Rio de Janeiro in the best possible way: into bed. The actress showed the moment together on her social network and rocked the web. “The bachelor doesn’t have a day of peace”, joked a netizen when seeing the couple’s romantic moment. “Oh no, Paolla Oliveira humiliating our Sunday“, reacted another follower of the actress. “Only a shell”, observed one more. “It was even hot”, found another fan.

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But it was Tatá Werneck who managed, with a question, to summarize what everyone imagines and would really like to know: “Are you guys naked or in jean shorts?”asked Clara Maria’s mother. The comedian’s questioning amused internet users. “Hope an answer, Paolla Oliveira”, warned a fan. “We think and you talk, Tatá”, wrote another. “Best question”, guaranteed a follower. “Tatá represented us too much here,” agreed another.

Paolla Oliveira raised suspicions of pregnancy while traveling

Paolla Oliveira went to Fernando de Noronha to accompany Diogo Nogueira in a concert. Afterwards, the couple extended their stay in the archipelago to enjoy days off. At ease, just in a bikini, the actress showed off her toned body and ended up raising suspicions of pregnancy.

According to the artist’s fans, Paolla’s more curvaceous body could indicate the artist’s first pregnancy, who has already revealed that she has frozen eggs so she doesn’t have to worry so much about the age at which she will decide to get pregnant. There were also those who noticed an increase in the actress’ breasts and bet that Paolla underwent surgery for a silicone implant.

Diogo Nogueira honors girlfriend in retrospect

Paolla Oliveira has already won a song by Diogo Nogueira and the tributes to the artist did not stop there. Passionate, the samba dancer returned to talk about Paolla in the retrospective he made of his last year. “Continuing my thanks for 2021. That was the year I met and fell in love with my Flor de Caña,” he said, referring to the nickname he gave to his girlfriend, which became the title of the song he wrote for her.

In the balance of 2021, Diogo also thanked the company of his friend Mumuzinho. It was the singer, by the way, who introduced Diogo and Paolla through a video call. “Mumuzinho called, asked if I was single and said he was going to introduce me to Paolla Oliveira”, recalled Diogo. “But only a while after everything happened,” explained Paolla in an interview with “Fantástico”.

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