Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira exchange bits of fashion in looks. ‘It’s nice to talk’, says actress

the ratio of Paola Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira is marked by complicity and good humor: together for about a year, the actress and the singer have an open dialogue that also includes fashion and style. To Purepeoplethe interpreter of “Face and Courage” told more about this aspect of the relationship.

“We are very particular in terms of personal taste in this regard, but it’s nice to talk about costumes for a job or, in his case, for shows. And this is a universe that we love!” the sambista performances whenever the schedule allows.

Adept at more authentic and empowering fashion, Paolla also had fun commenting on her boyfriend’s participation in the SPFW🇧🇷 “Diogo even agreed to participate in a fashion show, I was looking forward to seeing him on the catwalk”, she revealed.

Paolla Oliveira fashion: where do actresses look for fashion references?

Paolla also says that she sees social networks as her main references. “The internet has become a great research environment for fashion. From colors, fabrics, new, renowned stylists and, above all, brands that have movements that I believe are important in fashion: diversity in terms of bodies, use of special and more sustainable materials, less impactful production”, he points out.

Letting fashion be a more natural part of my life is undoubtedly about safety

“I try to keep up with changing trends, but always adapting to my personality and how I feel at the moment”, highlights the artist, adding: “And today, my wish is that women can dress and believe in a fashion for everyone. that they express themselves, feel valued, beautiful and powerful”

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