Paola, the daughter of Adal Ramones: who is she and Instagram photos

Adal Ramones He is a Mexican driver who is not only famous in Mexico. Thanks to the program he had called “Another roll” he reached several countries in Latin America, where he also appeared with various monologues, becoming increasingly well known, something that his daughter seems to want too, although in another facet.

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The TV presenter has a daughter named Paola Ramones, who is earning a name on social networks with her various publications that she usually uploads daily, among which we can see her day to day life, her relationships with her friends and also everything she shares with her boyfriend.

Paolo Ramones is not someone who has only focused on social platforms, but who wants to dedicate himself to art, and in this note we will collect the main data of this young woman.


She is a 20-year-old girl who began to gain fame thanks to her father, Adal Ramones, a well-known figure in Mexico and Latin America. Despite this, she seeks fame and professional growth with her own name, so she has prepared herself to build a career.

At his young age he has decided that he wants to dedicate his life and his work to cinema and coincidentally in 2020 he premiered a short film called “Be reborn”, in which she was the writer and director.

In its premiere in this type of audiovisual content, and how could it be from another, his father was the protagonist and the one in charge of uploading the video to YouTube and promoting it in different media.

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Shortly after moving to the United States to study cinema, Paola received a love proposal from the tiktoker, Daniel Khosravi, and she accepted. Since then, the networks of both always show the moments they share, being very pleasant, making it clear that they get along very well and that their relationship is on the right track.

@daniel.khosravi HAHAHA the champ kick was good @paolaramonesv ♬ Like I Can – Sam Smith


With 20 years of age and a whole path ahead in social networks and in what he is looking for as a professional, Paola Ramones She has a large following (over 228k) who enjoy her story posts on her Instagram account.

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As if that were not enough, the young woman has a verified profile, giving greater seriousness to everything she does on social platforms, although it also requires immense responsibility.

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