‘Pantanal’: Guta comes out in defense of his mother, Maria Bruaca and gets slapped by Tenório. ‘Never had decency!’

At novel “Pantanal”, Tenório (Murilo Benício) is going to slap his daughter, Guta (Julia Dalavia), when being looked at by the girl. The engineer is revolted when she discovers that her father expelled her mother, Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira), from the house because of her affair with Alcides (Juliano Cazarré). In addition to beating his daughter, Tenório swears revenge on the pawn.

The farmer loses patience when Guta insults him to stay by his mother’s side, in scenes that will air next week. “Do me a favor! You’re kicking her out of the house because she doesn’t have, never had and will never have the slightest bit of decency!” according to “TV News”.

The confrontation between father and daughter begins when the villain, who has lost one of his children in a terrible way, tells the girl about Bruaca’s betrayal. “How have you lied to my mother and me all these years?” he asks referencing the squatter’s second family.

“Nothing justifies the shame she put me through!”, tries to justify Tenório in the remake of the telenovela originally aired in 1990. “I’m letting her get away from here… Am I? complete the sexist.

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Soap opera ‘Pantanal’: Tenório gives order to his daughter after slap


The girl continues to defend her mother by saying that she deserves some part of the family’s assets. “What right has a woman who made my life hell to be rubbing against everything that is a pawn behind my back?”, counters the crook, who involves Zaquieu (Silvero Pereira) in his death.

Guta returns to the Zuleica subject again, infuriating his father. “I had an affair only once, and I took this scolding. I worked my whole life in order not to miss one side or the other”, she argues. That’s when the girl offends and the father, getting a resounding slap.

“You bend your tongue to talk to me! And don’t forget that I’m your father!”, orders Tenório, as if he was going to spank his daughter, who shows her revolt at the aggression. “Nothing has ever embarrassed me more than being your daughter!” he shoots.

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